IEDs and Explosives Seized in Maungdaw, Myanmar

IEDs and explosives were recently seized in Maungdaw, Myanmar

A cache of homemade explosives and landmines were seized in a village in Maungdaw Township. Acting on a tip-off from residents in Letphwekya Village, security forces uncovered the cache of weapons beside a riverbank on Tuesday evening. Military authorities reported they had seized: six homemade landmines with remote controls; long iron pipes; two round mines; a car piston; eight transmitter remote controls; two receiver circuits; more than 100 feet of wiring; and a damaged CDMA 450 MHz phone.

Explosives, drugs seized in Maungdaw httpwww.dvb.nonewsexplosives-drugs-seized-maungdaw77974 … #burma #myanmar #maungdaw


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